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Condition Based Maintenance Tools

Condition based maintenance tools

Condition Based Maintenance Tools

Breakdowns and equipment failure are a plant manager’s worst nightmare. They endanger workers, cause delays, and take a bite out of profits. For many years, the only true solution has been preventative maintenance. Inspections and precautions are effective and necessary, but they cannot predict and prevent every malfunction.

Fortunately, a more modern solution is starting to become available. Condition-based maintenance, or CBM, is a system built around monitoring the performance of equipment in real-time and acting on any fluctuations in that data. The strategy relies on an array of computers and automated processes, all of which are designed to dramatically cut your downtime.

What Are the Benefits of Using Condition Based Maintenance Tools?

One of the biggest draws of a CBM-based approach to plant maintenance is dramatically enhanced reliability. Rather than having to wait for scheduled procedural checks, many of which require that vital systems be shut down, CBM can be performed constantly and as the equipment is operating. This enables plant operators to see problems as they start rather than after they’ve begun to worsen.

However, CBM offers more than one dramatic benefit! By installing and implementing a CBM program, you’ll see:

  • Better delegation of maintenance tasks
  • Constant status updates and data output
  • More operational time
  • Simpler diagnosis of issues
  • Increased employee safety
  • Greater control over inventory output

How SimpleFM Works

SimpleFM is one of the many Condition Based Maintenance Tool on the market. Our company develops, installs, and maintains the essential equipment that can get your plant on the road to CBM automation. In addition to these tools, we also offer secure remote access to your performance data and the ability to manage multiple sites at once.

Our software is built around simplicity. You can easily access and understand all of your real-time performance metrics. When a problem is detected, you’ll be alerted. When it’s time to diagnose a problem, it’s just as easy to reference the data you’ll need. The SimpleFM platform also empowers operators with maintenance queues and progress tracking.

Our skilled staff work alongside you to create a solution that is optimized for your operations requirements, equipment, and future growth. We will also provide your staff with training materials to improve their performance and ensure their safety. Your growth is our delight! If you’re ready to start the CBM journey and ramp up your operational capacity without sacrificing the safety of your staff, it’s easy and free to schedule a demo!

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Service providers and building owners know that managing multiple work orders at once can be more of a headache than it’s worth. Between back-and-forth emails, missed phone calls, and late-night text messages, it’s easy to drop the ball on one or several important maintenance tasks. SimpleFM is the #1 Facilities Maintenance Software.

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