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Don’t let the parking lot maintenance slip through the cracks

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Don’t let the parking lot maintenance slip through the cracks

When it comes to facility maintenance, taking care of your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are often front-of-mind.  Because problems with these systems can temporarily shut down a building, they tend to receive a higher level of attention from facility managers.  On a limited maintenance budget, other assets such as the parking lot tend to land on the back burner.   

However, neglecting the parking lot can set you up for trouble.  Today we look at three reasons to keep up with parking lot maintenance and show how CMMS software can help. 

The parking lot is often the first impression people get of your building.  

The True North of facility management is to maximize the desirability of your building as a place to be for tenants and their customers while minimizing cost.  We all know that first impressions matter, and if prospective tenants are swerving around potholes while trying to find a parking spot, they will be left with an impression that the facility is poorly maintained – no matter how great things are inside.  With occupancy levels in commercial office buildings plummeting during the COVID-19 pandemic, can you afford to make a bad first impression?

parking lot maintenance

Poorly maintained parking lots are safety issues waiting to happen.

Uneven pavement, ice, and snow all present slip, trip, and fall hazards.  You don’t want tenants or their customers getting hurt, nor do you want the expense and liability risk of getting sued after an injury happens.

Like everything else in facilities, preventative maintenance is cheaper than reactive maintenance. 

Taking care of cracks in the pavement when they are small may not seem urgent, but allowing them to grow will drive up the repair cost.

How CMMS Software Helps 

There are two key ways in which CMMS software like SimpleFM helps facility managers with corrective maintenance:

  1. Keeping your preventative maintenance on schedule.  CMMS applications like Simple FM give you one centralized place to plan and track preventative maintenance work orders to completion.  By eliminating sticky notes and keeping progress visible, you have a much better chance of getting the work done on time.
  2. Access to a powerful network of partners.  SimpleFM’s experienced team can provide connections to vetted contractors to perform your work.  With so many companies finding themselves short of people during the pandemic, expanding your network of providers gives you more confidence that your work orders will get done correctly, on time, and at a competitive price. 

CMMS that is right for YOU

SimpleFM’s software and experienced team help organizations manage, monitor, and control maintenance including: equipment, resources, and regulatory compliance. Let us handle your facility and job management needs and help your organization save time and money. Interested to see how easy facilities can be?  Sign up for a Demo or email us at sales@simplefm.com.

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Service providers and building owners know that managing multiple work orders at once can be more of a headache than it’s worth. Between back-and-forth emails, missed phone calls, and late-night text messages, it’s easy to drop the ball on one or several important maintenance tasks. SimpleFM is the #1 Facilities Maintenance Software.

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