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Should A Property Manager Use Facility Maintenance Software?

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Should A Property Manager Use Facility Maintenance Software?

It goes without saying that property managers have a lot to keep track of. Between their paper documents, spreadsheets, and emails there is a great deal of information that must be gathered and organized. However, property managers are now able to opt for a more efficient method of storing data through specialized facility maintenance software which was exclusively designed for their tasks- property management software. 

What is Property Management Software?

Sometimes referred to as ‘property maintenance software’, it is a cloud-based program that simplifies their workload and keeps their information conveniently stored in one location. Like other types of facility maintenance software it offers 24/7 access to email and other stored records from any compatible mobile or desktop device. Features specific to property management include collecting rental payments online, online lease signing, and prospective tenant screenings.

Why Should Property Managers Use It?

Aside from the obvious convenience and lightened workload, there are others who benefit just as much as you do, if not more.

Happier Tenants

Maintenance requests can quickly add up, and such high volume makes it harder to keep track of each request. Inability to address these issues is one of the biggest complaints that tenants cite when elaborating on their dissatisfaction with property management. Using software means tenants will have a much easier time contacting you. Ease of communication leads to higher confidence in your ability to resolve any issues they may be experiencing. It is likely that they pay most if not all of their other bills online, so this software makes it easier for them to keep their financial records all in one place just as you do. Further, it would make it easier for you to reach multiple tenants at a time should the need arise. They will appreciate your efforts to keep them informed.

Where Can Property Managers Find It?

Effective software solutions not only make it easier for you to perform your usual tasks and responsibilities, they make you more accessible to those who depend on you. Quick and simple problem solving is literally in the palm of your hand.

SimpleFM’s facility maintenance software and experienced team help organizations manage, monitor, and control maintenance including: equipment, resources, and regulatory compliance. Let us handle your property and job management needs and help your organization save time and money. Interested to see how easy property management can be? Sign up for a Demo or email us at sales@simplefm.com.

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