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Top benefits of CMMS

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Simply put, a CMMS, or a computerized maintenance management system, is software that supports businesses in running efficiently by providing a centralized place for all necessary maintenance information. The beauty of a CMMS is that it can be tailored to suit a wide variety of industries, including accounting, dental, fitness, retail, and warehousing, to name but a few. What’s more, if users really make the most of what a CMMS has to offer, they’ll soon discover it will come with an abundance of benefits for their businesses or organization. 

At Simple FM, we specialize in CMMS, which means our team of experts has been able to use our extensive knowledge to take a closer look at the many benefits it provides.

The bigger picture

If used efficiently, a CMMS can reduce paperwork at an organization by more than 50 percent, and it’s easy to see why. CMMS offers increased overall visibility of your assets through clear insight and effective reporting, something that outdated systems or paper filing simply can’t offer. Furthermore, this means you can easily identify good performance, as well as areas where there is room for improvement.

Instant and live

A CMMS system can provide users with an instant view of their operations, including up-to-date reports on asset levels, inventories, and repairs. This also means that a CMMS can deliver real-time reports when necessary. By giving up-to-date information, a CMMS also allows users to keep on top of key performance indicators (KPIs) while easily spotting any potential issues that they can deal with quickly before they get any bigger.

Automated scheduling

Gone are the days where you have to pencil equipment servicing in your diary. Having a CMMS allows businesses to schedule maintenance work in, for the future, with the system notifying you automatically. Plus, keeping one step ahead of your maintenance by scheduling means that you’re sure to see a drop in the amount of unplanned downtime at your business.

Lifespan of parts

If an asset is well looked after, it goes without saying that it will last longer. Being able to keep on top of necessary asset maintenance and equipment servicing is guaranteed to reduce avoidable costs spent in the future on replacement parts. 

Better forecasting

Ultimately, a CMMS scheduling maintenance work means that business owners can plan better, saving them time and money in the long run. Having implemented a CMMS, they’re likely to see less disruption, a more efficient production line, and, as we’ve mentioned, a decrease in downtime while reducing potential costs in repairs. This allows managers to gain a better understanding of what needs replacing and when while planning financially.  

People management

When it comes to a CMMS, it can benefit your workforce too. Being able to schedule repair and service work means that your team will be less likely to waste time unnecessarily on administrative tasks, which means they can focus on their actual role instead.

This also allows business owners to know exactly what their employees are working on and when. Plus, CMMS system tracking can help you to refine your labor processes while highlighting areas that can be improved, so you can make the necessary changes to make sure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

These are just a few of the multiple benefits our CMMS software has to offer. Get in touch and find out how Simple FM can save your organization both money and time.  

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