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What is a Facility Management Software System?

Facility Management Software System

What is a Facility Management Software System?

Facility management software, or FMS, is an invaluable web-based tool that all companies should be using for managing their maintenance program. It began as little more than a means of registering buildings and asset data, but has since expanded to include a multitude of incredibly useful features. A facility management software system is now a key component in creating a maintenance program that is strategic, cost-effective, efficient, and time saving.  

Common Facility Management Tasks

Facility maintenance teams are responsible for overseeing a large variety of different assets and property, ranging from air conditioning units to parking structures. As such, they have an even larger amount of tasks and goals which they are expected to meet on a daily basis. These include ensuring that structures are physically sound, ensuring that spaces are optimized and contribute to a productive workspace, and mitigating potential dangers or threats to personnel and visitor safety. They must adhere to a strict and rigorous schedule and plan ahead as best as possible. FMS can manage their schedules, set up appointments, and help them keep track of which jobs have yet to be completed. 

Work Orders

Work orders are at the core of facility management and maintenance. Without a means of contacting a repair crew or technician, assets will constantly break down. A large portion of a facility’s budget will be allotted for repairs, replacements, and spare parts. Writing, filing, accessing, and reviewing work orders manually can be a huge hassle however. One small error means starting over, and all of the paperwork must be tracked and organized meticulously. Software intended for managing facility maintenance can complete and submit a work order for you, so there is no risk of error and documents will never be misplaced. They also keep track of who is assigned to each order, the tools and parts required, and when it will be completed. Manuals and schematics can be attached to make the job as easy as possible for the technician hired to repair any defective assets.

Two Types of FMS

Facility management software is often broken down into two categories, computer-aided facility management software and computerized maintenance management system software. Often referred to as CAFM and CMMS respectively, CAFM focuses on the administrative side of your maintenance program while CMMS has additional features which provide basic support for your assets. For example, CAFM is used for planning and executing any management activities. CMMS, on the other hand, streamline the scheduling and planning process while compiling data which can be used for preventative maintenance purposes.  

Choosing a Software

Each software is different, and some include more features than others. This does not mean that they are better, as not everyone will require those features to keep their maintenance program running smoothly. The best software is one that has all of the features you need as well as an easy to read dashboard, critical data analysis and report generation, and work order management. The ideal software is also one that is user-friendly and your team can easily be trained to use.

SimpleFM’s software and experienced team help organizations manage, monitor, and control maintenance including: equipment, resources, and regulatory compliance. Let us handle your facility and job management needs and help your organization save time and money. Interested to see how easy facilities can be?  Sign up for a Demo or email us at sales@simplefm.com.

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Service providers and building owners know that managing multiple work orders at once can be more of a headache than it’s worth. Between back-and-forth emails, missed phone calls, and late-night text messages, it’s easy to drop the ball on one or several important maintenance tasks. SimpleFM is the #1 Facilities Maintenance Software.

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